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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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looks relatively calm at this hour. but that is about to change. >> nor'easter will be here in a master hours and once it arrives, get ready for wind, rain and a whole lot of both. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. we've got you cover. let get straight to fox 29 meteorologist caitlin roth. >> good evening to you both. tonight is the night until about 10, 11:00 o'clock midnight that if you need to run errands or get anything done before wednesday do it because we'll have rain that moves in and it's not going anywhere for quite sometime. it is quiet outside right now. we had some showers even light snow in central jersey earlier this afternoon. right now, though, waiting on this developing nor'easter and it's still maining offshore but already starting to spread some light rain along the carolina coastline. the virginia coastline and soon into the delmarva but as far as timing is concerned, we really went scene in rain move into philadelphia until the overnight hours. it will come up from the south bringing that warmer air with it. by midnight just starting to enter cape may county and central delaware. by 4:00 a.m. it is starting to fill in. cold enough for mick if the higher elevations towards our north and west and by 7:00 a.m.
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in the thick of it. rain, heavy at times especially along the cove. temperatures outside right now, very chilly. it's only 32 in philly. low 30s north and west. those winds coming off the ocean around 15 to 20 miles an hour. we expect those temperatures to rise that will help make it a rain event here in philadelphia. clouds and drizzle initially rain after midnight we'll have your full forecast ahead in about 15 minutes. lucy and iain. >> all right, caitlin thank you the weather we are anticipating folks along the jersey shore they're getting a taste of what's to come as minor flooding is impacting those driving conditions. of course we just heard caitlin's forecast heavy rain and wind threaten to wreak havoc especially on those holiday decorations. brad sat tip life in avalon, new jersey torque night. brad? >> reporter: iain, i'll tell was. with these wind gusts it hard to stand so i don't know how those holiday decorations are going to make out over the course of the next several hours. we're in avalon just across the way of sea isle city. this road here the base of a bridge here was really
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underwater earlier. you see there's lot of debris. the water is now gone and emergency management officials telling us that this storm is more of a nuisance but even a nuisance can cause some pretty major problems. the bridge was reopened just before 1:00 this afternoon after being closed as a result of the flooding. it will most certainly be closed again during high tide tomorrow morning with heavy rain and strong winds predicted trapping extra water in the back bays. >> what you have is the second tied coming in and it's just going to build on what the first one didn't relieve. >> reporter: some streets in sea isle city are underwater mostly in the usual trouble spots. emergency officials worry about the timing here. with leaf clean up not yet complete the pile of leaves on the street could prevent storm drains from taking in water run off and make the flooding even worse. and here's another worry. >> the wind in conjunction with the heavy rain and the saturation of the ground where you may get some trees come over power lines. >> meaning potential power
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outages in many cold and then there are all of those outdoor holiday decorations that could end up airborne in 40 plus mile an hour winds. >> these are all lit. george willis put up his this morning the test it went just fine all the lights seemed to work. and after doing the same set up for decades is he worried about nor esther? well let's just say he's throwing caution to the wind. >> really in there enough it seems like protected enough it doesn't seem to bother us. yet to be seen i guess. >> reporter: well he's clearly want to make sure the big items are strapped to the ground pretty welch the smaller ones best advice obviously especial physical you're along the coast here take them in for the night. guys, back to you. >> all right, brad it makes you feel any better it's chilly here in the studio. (laughter). >> it doesn't make him feel better, iain. >> you can track the nor'easter online at our website just click the weather tab at the top of the home page for live radar images and the latest
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forecast information. >> happening right now, the investigation into a deadly plane crash. mobile phone video captured the scene moments after it slammed into a house in gaithersburg, maryland. authorities now say three people inside that home died. along with three people on the plane. authorities also say small jet was trying to land at a nearby airpark. that crash star add fire in the house which then spread to other homes. the faa and the national transportation safety board are on the scene looking into exactly what went wrong. >> skyfox over the scene as students from area colleges demonstrating against the recent grand jury decisions in ferguson, missouri and new york city. grand jury decided not to indict white police officers in the deaths of two unarmed black men. the protesters held a die in a moment of silence and then blocked traffic in both directions along lancaster avenue in lower merion township. vigil is planned at bryn mawr college at 7:00 p.m. we are following a story developing out of southwest philadelphia tonight. police found the body of a
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security guard badly beaten in a van at the storage facility where he worked and lived. now the hunt is on for his killer and what may have led to this death. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at police headquarters in center city tonight with details about reward being offered for information. dave? >> reporter: yes, iain torque night homicide detectives are going over surveillance video and crimes that other storage facilities in southwest philadelphia as they try to unravel this murder mystery. tonight friends of the victim tell us they want justice. >> he's an excellent person. in the event you never talk to strangers. you talk to him. because he's that kind of guy. >> reporter: folks who knew security guard james williams say he was a hard-working guy who lived out of his conversion van on the property at the locker room storage facility where he worked. he took his job seriously, but was friendly. >> real nice, you know, he protect this place. he didn't bother nobody. >> reporter: customers at the
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storage facility at 62nd and pasquale were startled and saddened monday by the news that the 69-year-old security guard had been murdered. >> very hard working. >> the person that did this is such a low underhanded person. >> reporter: police say williams was found tied up and beaten to death in a conversion van sunday afternoon when his boss went looking for him. police believe the killers used williams van to knock down washed bashed wire fences and escape. >> the male was bound both hand and feet behind his back. police observed blunt force trauma to his head. >> reporter: friends say williams was a member of the state burners motorcycle club at 52nd and woodland nearby. members say he wasn't active lately but was known by most of of the older members. >> we're unsure if the victim is the target of the homicide or his duties being fulfill as a night watchman he may have interrupt add crime in progress. >> there's no reason why they
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should have did this to anybody especially hip. he did not deserve to go out like this. >> reporter: now no word if detectives found the murder weapon at the site. there is a $20,000 reward tonight for information leading to an arrest and a conviction. if you have any information, you should call the homicide unit or just dial police. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. police in southwest philadelphia are looking for a burglar with some distinct tattoos. take look. police say he has a few tattoos on his hands. he's accused of breaking into a grocery store on the 61 hun hundred block of elmwood avenue. he got away with cash and cigarettes. if you recognize this guy give police a call. >> a time when families are gathering to celebrate the holidays, one is grieving the loss of their devoted father. this after he was hit by two different suv's in bridgeport, montgomery county, on friday. our joanne pileggi is live there where a vigil is planned for later tonight.
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joanne? >> reporter: good evening, iain. good evening, everyone. it is not a celebratory mood at our lady of mount caramel church. christmas less than three weeks away in fact it is quite the hospital sit. the community gathering in just about an hour for a vigil after a fatal hit-and-run that has devastated a local family. >> who does something like that i mean, and then to leave him in the street like that. that's horrible. i hope that they find the person -- the two people who did this. >> reporter: it was at this intersection of ford and rambo in bridgeport on friday night where 54-year-old tom daily was struck and killed. the father of two, crossing the street when he was hit by one suv and the driver kept going. then police say he was hit a second time by another suv and that driver also left the scene. friends of the family are heart
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broken. >> our family is without a family and would with the holidays coming around, he was just at the back to school thing that they had at the school. i just talked to him. me and my sons. it's just horrible. >> reporter: indeed. that vigil is expected to start in less than an hour for tom dale. his widow eileen and their two children ages nine and 12 are expected to attend. meantime, police here in bridgeport are working harder to try to solve this case to try to find those who hit-and-run drivers. if you have any information, contact the bridgeport pd for now we are live in bridge pour, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> back to you, lucy. >> thank you very much, joanne. new jersey state lawmakers are taking up a plan to stabilize the finances of atlantic city and its casinos. here's the aim. have casinos pay a lump sum of
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money every year versus property taxes which would tn let the city know how much money it can expect from the gaming halls. the casinos would pay $150 million for the first two years and 120 million a year for three years. that is if gambling revenue stays within certain limits. the plan would also increase school funding to atlantic city. a big problem resolved when it comes to parking in philadelphia. now comes a battle over bogus tickets. >> a glitch forced drivers to use cash at curb side eco i don't care or face a big fine. we'll show you why confusion over the problem may cost some folks even more of their hard-earned money. >> the fondle phase of a plan to cut the number of bears had new jersey. why none of this is working. >> howard. >> big loss for the eagles yesterday against seattle. chip kelly tells us why not to worry about this loss affecting the eagles game next sub day against dallas. hear from chip coming up in sports. >> checking out ultimate doppler you can see the first few showers moving into the delmarva
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the virginia coastline indicating our nor'easter on the move much the rain, wind and wintry weather it brings that's all ahead in your full forecast. >> and a berks county mystery. a father and son out hunting make a bizarre discovery. you can see that's no deer. that's an atm. tonight at 10:00 where they stumbled on the cash machine and tonight at 10:00 where they stumbled on the cash machine and why this dad says his son w
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and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> six day bear hunning season in new jersey is now underway. the state says it's aimed at reducing the bear population while increasing public safety but wildlife officials and activists disagree over weather these hunts have actually achieved their goals. in september, a rutgers university student was mauled to dental by a bear after he took pictures of it op his cell phone and officials say reports of a aggressive bears in parts of new jersey are on the rise. >> the philadelphia parking authority says its curb side kiosk are once again accepting credit cards for street parking that happened after a weekend of
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confusion that actually spread into today. our bruce gordon is live in old city with the story and, bruce, i have to tell you, i'm thinking very few people carry cash for parking these days. >> reporter: it's considered rather old school, lucy. no question about that. but when wireless transmission troubles caused kiosks like this one all over the city to stop accepting credit card payments, lots of drivers were left with a parallel parking pickle. we all know moving to cash less society. so what happens when parking kiosks designed to accept bang, credit and debit cards don't? we scramble for change. little aggravating? >> bleep. >> the malfunction that left the kiosks accepting only cash or increasingly rare ppa smart cards was not widely understood by motorists. the parking thor said it had placed stickers on the kiosks explaining the problem. but we saw no notices on the machines we checked out in university city or center city. in fact, the machines displayed
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the usual electronic message accept card or cash. this woman hadn't gotten the word. so -- >> you tried to use a credit card. >> i did, yes. report roar what happened? >> it didn't go through. >> reporter: now you got to use cash? >> i do, yes. if i have some. >> reporter: this car had a parking ticket under the windshield wiper an handwritten note on the dash. went to three different kiosks. none worked. of course not everyone was inconvenienced some motorists have gone old school carrying cash. in part because of another downside of modern life. >> you try avoid using your credit card under any circumstance. >> yeah. my bank account got broken into a couple weeks ago. i try not to use it when i don't have to. >> parking authority officers were out in force still writing tickets on violators but promising to some cut some slack to those they could prove off looking for cash when the ticket was written by noontime the ppa was announcing the problem was resolve. credit and debit cards were once again good as gold. >> happen to have that working
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fine. >> absolutely. >> reporter: well we mentioned cuttincutting some slack by the parking authority it's in the form of a 10 minute grace period it covers today and works like this. let's say you were parking near this kiosk at 10:00 o'clock this morning. machine wouldn't take your credit card. so you ran off to find some cash or coins. while you were gone at 10:15 you got a ticket. as long as you're back by 10:25, that is 10 minutes win -- 10 minutes of getting that ticket, and you get your receipt from your dashboard that's a time stamp receipt of course you will be able to successful challenge that ticket government to we'll show you how to make that challenge. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. good advice. maybe we should always carry cash as well. >> probably so. right. and an umbrella. coming up. >> parka. something with a hood. >> snow shoes. >> gloves. >> nor'easter blowing on in. >> yeah. even that umbrella is not secure with the winds that will be how long tomorrow. we have have got it all for you. like it or not. going to be pretty nasty tuesday with this nor'easter headed our way.
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the timeline starting off tonight it is pretty calm right now got anything to do this evening no problem. main arrives after midnight could start as mix some snow in the higher he will vagues the of the lehigh valley and the poke no notice. the rain heaviest at the coast where the winds could gust 40 to 45 miles an hour at times by tuesday night some colder air mixes in. we could see snow showers and that is heavy wet snow accumulating up in the poconos. good for the resorts. ultimate doppler starting to show the first showers of our nor'easter moving on shore. it's been hard to see on radar because it's been mainly offshore but as we head into the evening hours you'll start to see more rain in our direct. out in advance of the storm coastal flood warning for tomorrow morning between the high tides of 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. new jersey beaches, delaware beaches, all the way into the back bays of the delaware. general flood watch is out for the rest of the area this is just due to heavy rain biggest concern is still along the coast. winter weather advisory lancaster, berks, lehigh and northampton for freezing rain
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and sleet causing icy conditions tonight. initially before the rain and then again tomorrow night winter storm warning as i mentioned for the poconos wind advisory that's for ocean, southern burlington and atlantic counties we'll see the highest wind gusts close to 50 miles an hour. temperatures right now 32 in philly below freezing north and west. you think we'd be talking about lot of snow coming in but once that rain arrives it will bring the warmer air to keep the mainly rain tomorrow. winds off the ocean northeast around 15 miles an hour. not too bad just quite yet. and then by about four, 5am fox 29 morning news is just beginning, we'll see the beginnings of the rape moving inform the rain increases all morning long. make sure you have good day on. guest you threw the morning with the heaviest rain along the coast. and then through the rest of the day rain on and off. heavy at times. looks like a dry slot comes in later on in the afternoon. that will cut off the showers pretty quickly winds still how long 5:00 o'clock it's raining north of philadelphia. and then it looks like it comes to an end but by tomorrow evening, that's heavy wet snow accumulating up in the poconos right there.
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snow showers most likely north and west of philadelphia. even though this model doesn't show i think we have the chance for the rain and snow showers all day wednesday. rainfall amounts looks like a solid inch or two with the highest again probably along the coast and central and northern new jersey. wind gusts over 30 to 35 miles an hour at times. that's probably the case all day for tomorrow. so for tonight cloudy and drizzle 32 degrees now but temperatures will be rising. we'll get to 42 tomorrow with the rain and the wind. seven day forecast shows the worse is the tomorrow. snow and rain showers wednesday. those showers will have the tendon see to linger same with the clouds through friday and then we'll clear out we'll see some sunshine return to a nice calm much nicer period sunday and monday there. >> looks really good. >> i know. >> compared to what we have now. >> that's right. don't forget tomorrow morning fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" sue serio and bob kelly will get you through all the headaches tomorrow morning will bring. >> we have a headache little bit from yesterday's game, how war. >> i got some aspirin. >> do you yes. >> i'll give it to you during
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the break. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> the eagles had a bad game yesterday against seattle but they were not the only ones. you won't believe what the record seattle has when yesterday's officiating crew does the seahawks game. the eagles made too many mistakes in yesterday's game chip kelly tells us why you shall not worry there
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>> the eagles did not have a good day yesterday and some fans now in a little bit of a panic. all right. the better team won yesterday but the officials had terrible day. the crew referee bill vin know fifty seven his crew when working seattle games seahawks are five and one eagles are one and five with this crew. the officials didn't lose the game but they were brutal. let's go to the linc and take look. now this looks like a simple play in the first quarter. second and 16 russell wilson scrambles. and he'll complete the pass of 25 yards. that's all well and good, however, it should have been second and 21. why? well let's list september to joe buck and troy aikman. >> we saw chip kelly looking for a flag on that second and 16, 24-yard completion to doug baldwin the reason why he was looking at 77 whose 20 yards down the field. my ferrara saw that back in los angeles alerted us to it.
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that's why chip kelly was hot. >> and that is a pep tee. what happens on that drive? as they start the second quarter? russell wilson 26 yards. but in the end the team is to bloom for their mistakes. >> there's a couple times where we had missed assignments and it hurt us and you can't do that against a good quarterback those are things will clean up. it wasn't as bad as i think it looked. you know what i mean. i think russell wilson did a really nice job. he made some plays tonight. we have to be better. >> all right. so the eagles had chance late russell wilson throws and malcolm jenn concerns caught that. dallas is now a must win for the eagles next week. got put this game behind them. >> you have to answer to yourself and you know how well you played and you know how, um, how you performed on a given day and you're going to have days where you're really successful we've had days like that and you'll have days where it doesn't work out the way you want it to work. you aren't going to pack your
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bags and go home. we don't have group like that
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♪[ music ] crazy for kate. kate with the kids. wrapping gifts. and the ambulance standing by for pregnant kate just in case. then, is she, or isn't she? is george clooney's new wife pregnant? plus -- >> has the young coed who said she was gang raped at a public university just been publicly identified? >> do you believe her? >> and it's acid reflux. the ailment that sent the president to the hospital. then, eaten alive by an anaconda. eh, not so much. >> eaten alive, or


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